our manifesto

Qwest TV is a celebration of unique talents, traditions, and rhythms. It is a place where the human experience takes center stage and transcends the boundaries of any social construct. Through it all, jazz remains in its rightful place as one of the forefathers of modern music. We recognize that music is not only an art form: it is a way of life and an expression of freedom. We believe that improvisation leads to intention, and we value the individual musician just as much as the bandleader.
The very nature of creativity reflects the constant motion of life and is about the art of balancing “making it happen and letting it happen.” We believe in preserving the richness of history while simultaneously reflecting the present-day beauty and reality of a more culturally and racially diverse people. Through work, discipline, trust, and respect, music paves the way to a greater sense of community, and that is exactly what we at Qwest TV serve to share with you.

Quincy Jones & Reza Ackbaraly